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Aplicación: El Spot Turn

Un paso muy común en Cha-cha, Rumba y Mambo es el Spot Turn ( en el estilo Americano se le conoce cómo Crossover Turn o Walkatround Turn). Este elemento tiene muchas variaciones cómo giro libre ó giro bajo el brazo cómo, por ejemplo, la Alemana.

Primero, examine el video clip y obseve que este paso es, en realida, una combinación de varias acciones de giro, incluyendo tanto la acción twisting cómo la pivoting. Preste atención a ambas partese del giro, y fíjese en que el bailarín establece un sólido eje para cada parte del giro

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Begin with a preparatory side step onto the right foot. Then step forward and across with the left foot, twisting 1/2 turn to the right. When this twisting action is complete, your weight should still be on the left foot, with the left shoulder, hip, and foot vertically aligned. The right foot may either remain pointing in place, or it may brush into first position with the left foot, but it must not take any body weight (yet).

Note: Balance may be lost if the twisting action is rotated more than a half turn while the weight is still on the left foot.

Before turning any further, step forward onto the right foot, leading with the right side of the body (For an explanation of right-side leading, see the May Spins & Turns lesson). It is necessary to move the weight to the right foot before continuing to turn, so that the right shoulder can line up over the right hip and foot to create a vertical axis for the next part of the turn (the pivoting action).

Once the axis has been established through the right side of the body, the left side may turn around it with a pivoting action on the right foot. Follow with a side step onto the left foot.

This turn should be practiced both to the right and to the left. Always keep in mind that each spot turn is a combination of two individual turning actions, the twist and the pivot, and that a separate axis must be established for each.



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