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Two Types of Rotation

For our purposes, we will be thinking of rotation as being one of two varieties:

  • Spot Rotation
  • Progressive Rotation

rotational.JPG (4460 bytes) SPOT ROTATION
Spot rotation occurs any time the body turns in place, without traveling. In most cases, this means that the body weight remains over one foot. It is possible to have spot rotation with the weight held between the feet (as in a "Twist Turn") or shifting slightly from foot to foot (as in a "Fleckrel"), but for this lesson we will be focusing more on the rule than the exceptions. Just think of spot rotation as rotation which occurs over a fixed point in space.

progressive.JPG (3418 bytes) PROGRESSIVE ROTATION
Progressive rotation occurs as the body is traveling, and therefore takes place between steps, or over a series of two or more steps. Chainé turns, Pivots, and even the Waltz Box Step are all examples of prgressive rotation.


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