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International DanceSport Federation

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The International DanceSport Federation IDSF, the governing Amateur Dance Sport Body world-wide, is pleased to welcome you on the IDSF Internet pages. These pages are maintained by Rullens Dance Consultancy. Please enjoy reading them for your personal information.

Rudolf Baumann President IDSF
Rudolf Baumann
As President of the International DanceSport Federation, IDSF, I am very pleased to welcome you to our Internet Web Site. I am very happy to be representing one of the most graceful sports, where men and women compete on equal terms, and with fifty percent participation by women.

IDSF today has 71 National Member Federations on five continents. Forty of these Federations are recognised by their National Olympic Committees, and IDSF's only Continental Federation, the Asian DanceSport Federation, has received provisional recognition from the Olympic Council of Asia, and has participated as a demonstration sport in the December 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok.

IDSF received full recognition in 1997 from the International Olympic Committee, IOC, and is a Member of the following International DanceSport Federations:

  1. GAISF - General Association of International Sports Federation
  2. IWGA - International World Games Association
  3. ARISF - Association of the IOC Recognised Sports Federations
Following the IOC recognition, IDSF continues to work for the inclusion of DanceSport as a medal sport in the Olympic Games. There is a clear correlation between DanceSport and the existing Olympic Winter sport of Ice Dancing, and there can be no doubt that DanceSport will become one of the most popular tele-sports.

Rudolf Baumann
President IDSF

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